Thursday, May 17, 2012

week 8 and going home

 Nod napping the morning he left for his new home.  He was a very funny puppy to raise and very photogenic- i have more great photos of him than any other Moonsong puppy.  He had/has a lot of attitude and will be a lot of joy to his new family in Portland, Oregon. His new owners want to call him Finn, so i fit that into his official Nursery Rhyme name- Moonsong Finnegan Begin Again.
Wink and nod playing in my front yard while I work on the lawn.  Nod is wondering why the other dogs aren't out too!
 Hmm... do I jump into the lawn or do I play here...
 I'll just lay here and play with my sister's ears. 
 Yummm, weeds taste good.
 What a cute expression!!
 Wink curls up and naps in a dog bed.  Wink is now Moonsong's Over in the Meadow and is keeping her call name.  Her Rhyme can be seen here:
 Wink and Nod cuddle with Honey.  Nod is sooo big already! 

 Wink entices Chili to play in the field
 Wink and her mom wrestle
 Honey teaches Wink to mouth wrestle
Nod found an old plastic cup in the field and it is off to the races.  He is enjoying the last day he spent with his pack.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Seven week update

 Wink naps next to Watcher
 Wink has a very cute face, especially after just waking up
 Nod decides to join wink and Watcher
 Nap time?
 I love Nods head- he is resisting the call of sleep...
 ...but eventually gives in
 It was 70 degrees outside- the kitchen floor feels nice and cool
 Wink preferes sacking out in a crate
 Nod sucks up to 1/2 brother Jiggles...who is not too impressed
 A good view of the yard from the porch
 Kisses for Honey
 Cornelia stalks the pups and prepares for a chase
 The pups are busy helping me weed
 Katsuk is so tolerant- it must not feel good to have these two wide loads nursing on her
 Wink naps with mom
 Yard clippings are so fun
Dandelion... Prepare to meet your doom
 Running in the field at work
 Faethe leads the pups on a chase while Honey soaks up the sun
 trot, trot, trot
 Wink!  Come Here! 
 Wink and Chili enjoy a love fest in the field 
 Wink now wants to enjoy a roll with Chili too
 Nod is very sweet and his face shows it 
 Nod finds a pinecone- a lot of fun 

Friday, April 20, 2012

Week 5 and 6

Nod relaxes in the grass. You can really see his wooly coat coming in now!
Shiny floors are no problem for these pups!

Even with only two pups there is less room at the milk bar

Wink fell asleep in her food bowl.

Nod is wondering what Chalu is doing- yes, he did get on the couch by himself.

Puppy pile of Nod, Wink, Chaluki, and Watcher

Why play with toys when the basket tastes so good

I have no idea why but this is the favorite squeeky toy du jour at my house. All the dogs love it.

5 weeks old old and Nod already has the Chinook twist down when sleeping

Wink prefers a more normal position to soak up the sun

Wink looks nicely built so far

Look at Nod's big fluffy butt!

Peter and Nod have some male bonding time

Saluki ears make nice toys. Watcher is very tolerant- which means she is missing half her ears now!

Katsuk checks in on Chalu play time with the pups

Time for some visitors. The neighbor girls come over to play with the dogs often and they were very excited to get to play with puppies this time.

What is better than kids and puppies?

Exploring outside

stopping to smell the flowers

Wink strikes a pose outside


Nod thinking about a sneak attack

A hug from Cornelia

I love the Chinook smile

Chalu is a great aunt

nap time

Wink naps with mom